Play with crozzwords and tune up your language skills

How to learn spanish

Over the past years, the number of people who want to learn Spanish have greatly increased. In fact Spanish is the fourth most studied second language, after Mandarin Chinese and English.
But there is a difference between wanting to learn spanish and actually learning spanish. The main difference between the two is motivation. In the beginning, when you’re starting to learn a second language, motivation is still high. You’re very confident that you’ll keep at it and you can see yourself fluent in that language within no time. But unfortunately, motivation is often fleeting and after a couple of weeks, for some even days, learning spanish begins to feel like a chore. And that’s when most people give up their ambition of studying spanish.
The key is knowing HOW you need to learn Spanish.

WHY do you want to learn spanish?

Now before I can give you some tips, the first thing your have to consider is WHY you’re learning Spanish. What do you want to do with it once you know it? Maybe you want to create new job opportunities for yourself, maybe you have some relatives or people you know who speak spanish or maybe you just like how the language sounds. Who knows? In 90% of the cases the end goal boils down to this: people want to learn spanish because they want to be able to SPEAK it, to hold simple, day to day conversations.
This is very important to understand because when you have a clearly defined end goal in your mind, you have to choose a study method that facilitates your goal.

Don’t learn hard, learn smart

To be able to speak Spanish, you must know enough spanish words. But where do you begin? How many words do you have to learn? What words do you learn?
Well studies have shown that with the 1000 most frequently used words you can cover about 80% of daily conversational Spanish. So learning those words seems like a good place to start.
Crozzbi puzzles are designed in such a way that the majority of the words in the grid are among the most frequently used to give you an optimal learning experience.

Why don’t you try it out for yourself?